Our Mission

During a vacation in Africa with his mother, 10-year-old Winston Duncan was struck by the distances that people had to walk to find food, water and medical care. It was then that he decided that he needed to find a way to help others.

How Could He Help?

His answer: Collect bikes, because “everyone has an old bike”!

In Africa, a bike is a lifeline to survival for many people. It is often their only means to access food and water, markets, education and jobs. Winston’s passion has motivated family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances to organize annual drives across three states; and, so far, they have collected over 5,000 bikes. At a single drive in 2008, Wheels to Africa brought together 104 volunteers and collected over 1,000 bikes in just ONE day!

How Can You Help?

  • Mobilize your community to collect bikes
  • Donate to fund operations
  • Volunteer to help

Future Impact

  • Build bike repair shops
  • Become a partner to help produce bike-enabled electricity
  • Build a bike-propelled water purification plant

Spread the word! If one 10-year-old boy could get this started, think of what we can accomplish together!